The Vero begins in the Sobrarbe region, next to Pueyo de Morcat, and from there it makes its way towards the south. After crossing the skirts of the Sierra de Sevil, the river travels through the calcareous massif of Guara, in the Bárcabo region, which leads to magnificent canyons. This succession of vertical cliff faces creates spectacular landscapes and are the result of the erosion of the limestone. Several species of mountainous, forestal and aquatic flora and fauna are found here taking refuge in this ideal habitat.

After crossing the 8 km of gorges, labyrinths and waterfalls, the pass opens again upon arriving at Alquézar. From here the limestone changes to composites, with rounded and ruin-like forms.


  • Sierra De Guara 1
  • Sierra De Guara 2
  • Sierra De Guara 3
  • Sierra De Guara 4
  • Sierra De Guara 5