The Cave Art Information Centre invites you to take a fascinating trip through the Prehistory of the River Vero, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The extensive educational resources allow you to discover the creative genius of human beings, their beliefs and lifestyles throughout 22,000 years.

The centre is the departure point for guided tours of the Cave Art shelters. The cultural resources are complemented by several experiential workshops (hunting, use of fire, painting...).


The centre has three exhibition areas, equipped with recreation facilities, models and audiovisual resources available in different languages.

- Museum House (“Casa Museo”) provides general information about cave art, the cultures of the inhabitants of the River Vero, and the natural environment...

- Archaeological Park (“Parque Arqueológico”) has several reproductions of Neolithic huts and burial constructions, such as dolmens and tumuli.

- Fuente del Trucho Cave Space explores the mystery of life through the art of the only cave in Aragon with Paleolithic paintings.

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Activities and services:

- Guided tours of the spaces in the exhibition centre.

- Guided tours of the River Vero’s cave art shelters.

- Experiential workshops.

- Educational activities for school groups.

- Audio guide service available in different languages.

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C/ Las Braules, 222148 Colungo (Huesca)

Phone: +34 974 318 185 / + 34 974 306 006

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