The great variety of farming and household implements, tell us about the everyday work in the home and in the field: the general harvest, the harvesting of grapes and olives, textiles made from natural fibres, artisanal crafts... Through this way, you will find out about the ancestors of this section of the River Vero. The different exhibitions are distributed throughout the rooms of the 17th century house.


The museum preserves different rooms: the courtyard, the kitchen, the boudoir, the wine cellar and the stables. Utensils from each space are exhibited in the corresponding spaces, as well as photographs and information panels that help us understand their utility and forms of use. It also has an olive oil mill, of possible medieval origins, which is caved into the rock.


  • Guided tours of the museum’s exhibition space.
  • Audio guide service.
  • Educational activities.


C/ Baja, 16. 22145. Alquézar (Huesca)

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  • Casa Fabian 1
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