This town is connected by one main street in which can be found Santa Lucía church and the main square. Passing through its streets we can find interesting examples of traditional Somontano architecture with semi-circular arched doorways.

Next to the town, on a sandstone peak we can find “la Peña de Santa Margarita”. It was a Muslim fortress, which made up a part of a network of watchtowers built between Alquézar and Barbastro whose purpose was to monitor and guard the Aragonese advance from the north.

In the rock there are remains of steps. Also a great cave well with various small canals directing the rainwater towards it. There was a reservoir and the military installation on the peak. Over all the surface of the rock we can see carvings of stone blocks, remains of walls, cuts in the rock etc.... from which we can deduce that the castle had various wooden constructions that today have disappeared.



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