The Barbastro-Monzón Diocese Museum holds a valuable collection of religious art that originates from the localities within the diocese.

Valuable pieces of silversmithery and goldsmithery, textiles, paintings and sculptures are displayed over three floors and several exhibition rooms. Through these exhibitions you can undertake a journey through the past 1,000 years of occidental art, traversing all styles, from Romanesque to baroque.

Highlighted pieces includes the mitre of San Victorían (12th century), the Christ Pantocrator of Villamana (13th to 14th century), the reliquary bust of San Ramón and San Valero (17th century), a Muslim capital (11th century) and a tapestry from the parish of Fanlo (17th century).


- Guided tour of the different exhibition rooms of the museum.

- Guided tour of the cathedral area.

- Program of educational activities.

address and contact

Plaza de la Catedral, Barbastro 22300

Telephone: +34 974 315

Correo electrónico: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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