The River Vero Cultural Park offers a comprehensive program of educational activities and guided tours of the region, available throughout the entire school year.

These are directed at students from preschool, primary school, high school and higher education institutions although it is also possible that they can be adapted to other forms of education.

The program of educational activities is also carried out in other areas outside the River Vero Cultural Park, with the objective to facilitate direct contact between the students and the natural and cultural value of the region, making possible discovery and learning, while fostering attitudes appreciative of heritage preservation.

With the end goal of stimulating the imagination and an interest in learning about the aforementioned subjects, we engage students in direct participation through workshops, routes on foots and handling of real and replicated objects.

All the activities are delivered by a team of facilitators from the region of Somontano de Barbastro, always in close collaboration with the teachers who are responsible for the group.

The prices include the cost of the materials used during the activities and/or workshops, the facilitators and the entrance fee to the centres.
In the case that the offered programs need to be modified it will be necessary to ask for a costing.