image/svg+xml Bco. del Formocal Bco. de Arpán Río Vero Bco. La Choca Río Vero Radiquero SanPelegrín Alquézar Asque Colungo Lecina Bárcabo Hospitaled Almazorre Betorz Erípol Sta. Mª dela Nuez QUIZANS CHIMIACHAS MALLATA B ABRIGOS DE BARFALUY LECINA SUPERIOR MURIECHO LABARTA ARPÁN REGACENS MALLATA I GALLINERO CUEVA DE LA FUENTE DEL TRUCHO

This shelter is situated on the right side of the Chimiachas canyon, which is possible to access by foot from the small localities of San Pelegrín and Alquézar.

The small cavity (18 x 5m), orientated to the southeast, has a unique figure painted in red. The depiction is of a magnificent static deer of excellent execution, quality and beauty. In this sense, it promotes the idea of realism, strength and power. You can observe the solid silhouette and a plain-shaded filling, using different shades of red.
This deer is considered the best preserved and the most striking of those that exist in upper Aragon.


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