Radiquero spans the gentle southern slope, at the foot of the Sierra de Sevil.

The most elevated point is a rock with strange formations, “O Peñón”, a symbol for the inhabitants of Radiquero.

The village consists of two neighbourhoods. The most elevated neighbourhood, is “Los Meleses”, where a point of interest in the “casa de l'Abogau” because of its dimensions and decorative elements of the façade, coats of arms and eaves.

In the lower part of the village, the population is concentrated around the church of “Nuestra Señora de Bastarillas” (17th century) where the winding streets diverge, with some sections covered by what are called “porches”.

The houses, made from mud walls, adobe and bricks, although quite reformed, still preserve the decorative elements of interest (coats of arms, door knockers, eaves, etc.).

The surroundings include other places of interest such as the “Fuente d'o Lugar” (fountain) and the “Carrasca de Cazcarra” (holm oak), a very beautiful tree of significant proportions.


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