The cultivation of the olive tree to obtain olive oil was a part of the household economy of many villages on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Guara, and is a part of cultural and natural wealth linked to the olive tree and olive oil.


The interior of this old oil press, whose origin dates back to the 17th century, preserves all the essential elements of the olive oil production process: the cylindrical grinding wheel, the oil press and the 20th century hydraulic press.

The space has audiovisual material and several information panels, which show the traditions, rituals and beliefs surrounding the olive tree. Also, the great genetic richness of the olive plantations is evident in the fact that this section of upper Aragon has more than 20 varieties of olive trees.

Virtual tour to Torno de Buera


- Guides tours of the exhibition space

- Educational activities

- Water route (“Ruta del Agua”), which encompasses the fountain, drinking trough, washing place and pond.

- We also recommend visiting the Olive Tree Forest and the Sanctuary of Dulcis, located just 2km away.

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