he Regacens Shelter is located in the Castillo canyon, tributary of the River Vero, in the final stretch of the canyon. It is situated opposite Alquézar, close to Asque.
The self-guided itinerary, which takes approximately one hour and 30 minutes to walk, starts at the entrance of Asque. After the signposted section of the trail, a construction that replicates the old dry stone shepherd huts, serves as a visual landmark which indicates where to take the path.

First crossing through agricultural landscapes of olive and almond trees, and then passing between oak trees and a low mountain area descending back to the canyon, where you will be surprised by the beautiful view of the Fuente canyon and part of the village of Alquézar.

The route provides abundant scenic contrasts, and a wide variety of fauna. The information panels explain about the route, its natural and cultural value, as well as the pictorial content of the shelter.

Pictorial content

This shelter has Levantine, schematic-style art, depicted in red.

In the central area, a highlight is the Levantine collection of caprines, among which the depiction of a goat running stands out. The rest of the shelter shows different motifs, such as spots, schematic four-legged animals, deers, several schematic anthropomorphs, finger painted dots, symbols and bars.

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