The country houses of this riverside village extend along the sides of the terrain, orientated towards the midday sun, crowded around the left side of the river, leaving bare the fertile floodplain where they cultivate vegetable gardens. This only adds to the environmental value of the riverbank forests, which dot the river course, all throbbing with life given the variety of species present.

The residences serve to highlight the silhouette of the tower and the parish church, dedicated to the Assumption (18th century).

Interesting examples of traditional architecture have been well-preserved: amongst others, the “Casa Calasanz” and the “Casa Lasierra”. The sandstone, the mud walls, the bricks and the Arabic tiles are the essential materials.

There are several details that can be found on the façades, some of which are decorated with geometrical motifs, coats of arms, eaves and wrought iron.

In the surrounding areas, there also exist several places of interest, such as the chapel of San Marcario, the Medieval bridge and the two weirs: Arriba and San Marcos.


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