This village is found in the central section of the Cultural Park of the Vero River. Its old country houses scale the side of the sandstone mountain, leaving bare the valley surrounding the edges of river in the background, where the parcels of land, dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables, fruit trees and vines, are concentrated.

The streets of the village, some of which are quite steep, feature an irregular design, which is a product of the terrain. Huerta retains a collection of distinguished architecture, which is less altered than in other locations, and which helps with getting to know the characteristics of a “Somontanesa” house, showcased by the “Casa Lorenza" or "Casa Rector Balle” (with a facade from the 16th century). A relaxed stroll through its street offers us the opportunity to discover several details, such as the large voussoired doors, decorated with solar symbols and vegetables.

To the north, and somewhat isolated from the rest of the constructions, you will find the church of the Asunción (18th century), a monument noted for its beauty and its size.


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