Lecina is located on the slopes of the eastern face of the Sierra de Sevil (Sevil mountain range).

It is one of the most charming locations and the best preserved in the area. It's urban centre is peaceful, constructed with limestone and Arabic tiled roofs.

Preserved is a remarkable collection of enclaves of ethnographical interest. Surrounding the square you will find the church of Saint John the Baptist (“San Juan Bautista”, 16th to 18th century), the blacksmith's workshop and “El Cubierto”, where the people would meet to discuss community issues. The old school has been converted into an tourist information office and permanent exhibition of the works of Antonio Peñart.

The Casa Sampietro (16th century) stands out for its entranceway and its hollow decorated with reliefs, and Casa Carruesco (16th century), for its residences, defence tower and oratory.

At the entrance of the village you will find the spectacular “Carrasca” (holm oak) classified as a monumental tree by the Aragon government. Lecina also features as part of the Barfaluy cave painting route.


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