Almazorre consists of two neighbourhoods. In the more elevated neighbourhood, you will find the church of San Esteban (13th to 16th centuries) and in the lower neighbourhood you will find the majority of the residences and public buildings, such as the old school, the blacksmith's workshop, chapel of Esperanza, and the current parish church.

The town planning is organic and spontaneous, as is typical of these small localities of the Cultural Park. Numerous residences preserve the traditional architecture in good condition, with a masonry stone base and sandstone roofs.

For its uniqueness, an interesting focal point is the “esconjuradero”, situated next to the Roman church. It is a small building with a quadrangular design, with the openings of the four walls orientated to the four cardinal points.

From this location, they would undertake prayers and incantations intended to ward off storms.


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